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news 7-11-2013

-As you can probably tell, this site is somewhat outdated. I quit Forsaken World a while back and have been playing other games. This site recieves frequent visits, and though most of the information is useful ( i hope), it is not completely accurate with the current version of FW. I'm going to try and update the site in the near future.

Forsaken World - Basic Pet Guide

The first pets become avialable at level 10. Talk to Rachel in Freedom Harbor to obtain a quest that will grant you one of three level 10 pets once completed. They will be weak pets, but good enough until 30. Upon chosing your pet you will recieve the soulstone of the pet. You will need to incubate the pet first by right clicking it and waiting. The time of incubation is random and cannot be controlled by you. If this basic pet soulstone reaches at least 10 minutes, you will recieve a Green colored and better pet.

Rachel also allows you to obtain one of these three pets again up to three times daily by completeing a simple quest.

Upon reaching level 30, you will be able to catch basic level 30 pets. To capture souls of pets, you will need Basic Soul Catching. This skill is obtained by talking to the NPC Ethrine in the Libra Bazaar (Northwest) area of Freedom Harbor, next to Hicks. She will give you a quest to complete before obtaining the skill.

With this skill, you will be able to capture the souls of pets that sometime spawn when defeating certain types of monsters. At 30, you will notice Wind Puppets, Scarabs, and Khonems in Sea of Oblivion will sometimes spawn their souls upon defeat. With the Basic Soul Catching skill, you will be able to catch these and obtain a Pet Soulstone. These three pets are also found in the instance Creebank Valley until 50.

You will also notice that sometimes the pet soul will grant you a green pet soulstone. This means the incubation process will most likely be of at least 10 minutes, and possibly higher than 30, granting you at least a Green quality or blue quality pet. Higher colors of pets will have a base growth much higher than a normal pet. Blue pet soulstones are obtainable as well, but normally only from the bosses at Creekbank Valley or from the rare world wandering souls, such as the Nightmare and the Griffin. Finding a blue soulstone will generally grant you a blue pet.

White Stone - 10 minutes or more grants you a green pet

Green Stone - 30 minutes or more grants you a Blue Pet

Blue Stone - will generally finish over 30 minutes granting a blue stone

The longer the incubation lasts, the higher base rating of the pet.

Although a green stone will generaly exceed 10 minutes granting a Green Pet, it can take many attempts to exceed 30 minutes.

At 35 you will be able to obtain the Tamer Job. This jobs grants a series of bonuses to taming. Although the quality of the pets or hatching times are unaffected by the skill, you will be able to catch unique world pets that non-Tamers cannot, level your pets quicker, and gain additional pet and incubation slots.

Pet Rebirth - To re-roll your pets base rating, you will need a Dawn Scroll. Give this to Rachel to rebirth your pet. Your pets talents and skills will remain, but the base rating and elemental strengths and weaknesses of the pet will randomly change. The pet's level will also reset to 1. The rating bonuses from your pets talents remain retroactive, meaning you will not need to upgrade your pets talents before rebirthing.